Development and Scale-Up

The development and scale-up of a chemical process can mean different things depending on where the project exists on the development journey. YProtech can assist with:

  • Rapid scale up of discovery chemistry
  • Process optimisation for large scale and commercial manufacture
  • Scale-up synthesis to 20 L
  • Technology Transfer

Rapid Scale-Up synthesis

As projects progress along the development pipeline the quantities of material required for testing can change quickly. Often the initial synthesis of the target of interest was only executed on small milligrams scale and rapid scale up is required to deliver multigram quantities for further testing. YProtech is well equipped and experienced in executing these rapid scale-up projects. With an initial route evaluation to identify the chemistry challenges followed by a short development phase to de-risk the process followed by the scale-up synthesis we ensure our customers project progress in a timely and efficient manner with a scale up process that is fit for purpose.

Process Optimisation

We have a strong background in process chemistry, and so are aware of the key drivers for an efficient process. Optimisation may be from:

  • a route of interest from the literature;
  • a current small scale process to aid future scale-up;
  • application of new or catalytic transformations to shorten existing routes.

Through our links to academia, we have access to latest developments in chemistry and catalytic processes, giving additional options for process improvements.

Process Scale-Up

We have the facilities to carry out chemistry from milligram to kilogram scale. Consequently we are able to see a project through from proof-of-concept to demonstration batch at kilo scale without the need to outsource. With awareness of advanced processing methods such as flow chemistry, supported reagents and solid support-based purification strategies, we are able to offer a range of options and innovate new solutions.