Our fully refurbished laboratory facilities are highly serviced and flexible enabling us to meet our customers’ needs. We can operate across the lab scale from mL to 20 L and synthesise mg to small Kgs of small molecule compounds. Our facilities include:

General Chemistry Discovery Chemistry
  • 12 Fumehoods
  • 168 m2 lab and office facility
  • Plumbed-in argon and nitrogen services
  • Dedicated High Vacuum system

  • 6- and 12-place Radley™ Carousel Reactors
  • Parallel hydrogenator (up to 7 x 20 mL reactors)
  • Biotage™ automated microwave synthesis system
  • Biotage™ and Isco automated chromatography kit
Development & Scale-up Chemistry Highly Potent Chemistry
  • Scale-up jacketed reactors up to 20 L
  • Low and high temperature control (-78°C-200°C)
  • 1 L Pressure hydrogenator (up to 10 bar)
  • Clean room with four-glove negative pressure isolator
  • Wet chemistry laboratory with 3 fumehoods
  • Separate gowning area
  • Controlled access to high potency facilities
  • Plumbed nitrogen and compressed air services
  • Dedicated air handling system operated under negative pressure cascade

Analytical Equipment

We access the Waters® sponsored Open Access Analytical Laboratory at Alderley Park. The facilities include:

  • 2 x Acquity H-Class with PDA/QDa detectors providing rapid reaction monitoring and final compound purity assessment methodology
  • FractionLynx Autopurify system with PDA/QDa detection for intermediate and final compound mass directed purification (10 mg to 1 g scale)
  • UPC2 with PDA/QDa detectors for Chiral screening and QC work as well as orthogonal achiral analysis
  • Interface across all system provided via a simple Open Access platform

In addition, the Open Access facility also provides access to:

  • Bruker™ NMR (500 MHz)

Our in-house analytical facilities include:

  • Varian™ GCMS
  • Particle size analyser

Library Facilities

  • Online access to a number of journals and the British Library
  • Reaction database search capability with SciFinder®